A connected maintenance from end to end to enhance effectiveness and reduce its operational cost

Maintenance efficiency (effectiveness/cost) of aeronautical components is a major issue for all the value chain actors: designers and supplier integrators, aircraft manufacturing companies and airlines. How can we enlarge preventive maintenance capacity, reduce detection times, strengthen intervention anticipation, and therefore increase safety and the efficiency of PLM processes, while diminishing maintenance costs?

IT Link’s skills at the core of this revolution

We capitalize on our experience in the aeronautics industry: technical mastery of safety requirements, normalization (DO 178 B – DO 254, etc.) and aeronautical development cycles knowledge.

We bring our know-how to 3 phases in a connected system’s lifecycle

  • A « digital maintenance » information system shared by every industrial actor in the building chain in order to capitalize on technical and maintenance documentation (potential or future maintenance)
  • Digital connection of the equipment which can autonomously provide IP information feedback (connected industrial objects): data linked to its own lifecycle, failure risk auto-detection, etc.
  • Integration of data produced by the equipment into the information system and reinforcement of the information system in order to allow data analysis and decision aid.

Our references in the aeronautic sector