Will the next generation of connected cars be invented by major automotive manufacturers or by internet pioneers?

Connectivity issues for automakers have become a strategic issue because they have to face historic internet pure players. What new business models will emerge? What new connections will be made between drivers and their vehicle? And between vehicles? Between the vehicle and an ever-evolving global system…What new experience will be offered to car users?

IT Link’s skills at the core of this revolution

From upstream consulting to operational implementation, we assist you in order to create your new connected objects and to develop them with an industrial vision.

  • Developing the vehicle towards a connectable IP chain
  • Establishing new interactions between technologies, developing new and well-known technologies within one and the same vehicle
  • Allowing the driver and the smartphone to fit more efficiently in the value chain
  • Enabling the vehicle to communicate with a global system, while taking full advantage of the data resulting from the surrounding system and the vehicle
  • Implementing cybersecurity for connected objects and the overall system

Our references in the automotive industry