How can we combine the necessity of rationalizing the energy bill for cities with more comfort and a wider service offer for townspeople?

At the core of  « SMART CITIES » issue lies the question of public lighting systems efficiency which can be addressed on a short term basis: how can we lower the maintenance and direct energy bills while securing areas, in a more efficient way and while showcasing, through lighting, the city’s architectural heritage?

IT Link’s skills at the core of this revolution

We bring our know-how to the digitalization and the connection of a truly complex system. It is composed of multiple connected objects and of a dedicated Information System gathering all the « Smart city» components: public lighting systems, traffic lights, video protection, toll systems to access cities’ downtowns, smart parking solutions, the safety and supervision of public buildings, traffic flow and capacity management.

A new dedicated Information System can offer the best optimization measures

  • Automated decision aid tools
  • Control and supervision facilitation (taking into account the time, types of scenarios, intelligent selection and priority areas’ dynamics, etc.)
  • Dynamic learning process, data valorization and capitalization
  • Intelligent maintenance for cost and effectiveness optimization

Our references in the sectors of energy, environment and infrastructures