Securing the flow of people has become a major issue

The whole public transportation value chain, from manufacturers to transport operators is engaged in a complex technical and economical challenge: how to provide the user-customer with reinforced security while increasing comfort levels and reducing exploitation costs?

Especially, surveillance close to railway lines is both an issue in security and exploitation optimization. Several tens of thousands of IP cameras will be able to send valuable data, beyond the IP video flow. A connected information system will offer new capacities and new services to operators: real-time camera switching, web access to the video, railway fleet supervision, intelligent maintenance, etc.

IT Link’s skills at the core of this revolution

We bring our know-how into the creation of a real industrial Information System connected to IP camera-objects.

  • Into upper layers: Information system, web application development, data analysis, etc.
  • Into IP cameras interconnection and IP video flow transport layers and data provided by the cameras

Our references in the urban transports sector